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[015] STRUM 50 kW (METRO 6 km)charging location

Nearest Address:
вул.Аеропортівська 29, Одеса, Одеська область, Украина, 65000
Одеська область

+380 800 212 333
General Information:

Registration, top-up & charging via 'STRUM Charging' mobile app (iOS/Android), at least 25.00 kWh must be available on the account at the start of each charging session. Parking is free. You can book your STRUM card only after registrartion & top-up by sending request to [email protected]

You pay only for kWh, no fees for time or session. Price during top-up is 9 UAH/KWH (≈ 0.3 €/KWH). While charging on CHAdeMO/CCS, 1 KWH is taken away for each 1 kWh of charging. While charging on Type2, 0.5 KWH is taken away for each 1 kWh of charging (half price). Actual prices at

Android App download -
iOS App download -

Number Of Stations/Bays: 1
Usage: Public - Membership Required
Usage Cost: DC - 9 UAH/kWh (≈0.30 €/kWh), AC - 4.5 UAH/kWh (≈0.15 €/kWh). No fees for time or session.
Operational Status: Operational
Latitude: 46.4486871754254
Longitude: 30.6602408478166
OCM Ref: OCM-128905


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Open Charge Map Contributors

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Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Charging Level Unknown
1 Present
50 kW DC
125 A

CCS (Type 2 Version of Combined Coupler)

Level 3: High (Over 40kW))
1 Present
50 kW DC
125 A

Mennekes (Type 2)

Level 2 : Medium (Over 2kW))
22 kW AC (Three-Phase)

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